Anaïs Eleni is the creative mind behind ANAIS ANAIS. Based in New York and Berlin, this blog is her inventive space where she likes to capture and collect whatever inspires her – it’s her perception and carefully curated creation of minimalistic and yet chic outfits, travel experiences and some personal thoughts. Trusting her own style and artistic eye instead of simply following trends, Anaïs always tries to find the right balance between chic and minimal, mixing high-fashion with vintage and basic pieces.

Having her background in journalism and film, Anaïs always tries to create her content with a special focus and (self-)requirement on her written as well as her visual realization. Besides her freelance work, she has worked for VOGUE Germany and as a Social Media Editor for Fashion and Lifestyle agencies.

All content is directed and produced by Anaïs Eleni herself if not mentioned otherwise.