“To improve your experience, your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most.”


And another blogger talking about the Instagram algorithm. Don’t worry though – I am not writing this post in order to complain or let you know how incredibly stupid and unnecessary I am finding this change (even though I do). It’s just that I’ve been dealing with this topic quite a bit during the last weeks as I wrote one of my term papers about exactly these social media structures – wondering all the time when Instagram will finally announce it and make it official that there also is some kind of algorithm working it’s way through our news feeds.

The main reason why I am not a big fan of the algorithm idea is not that from now there will be less likes and comments. It’s more the idea of not having the power anymore to actually see what I want to see. Heaps of factores are calculating and deciding which posts will show up in my news feed and which won’t. But where’s the sense in that if I can’t see all the posts of the users that I decided to follow?

2011, when the facebook algorithm just started to do its job for the first time, Zuckerberg explained the main reasons for this change were to give each user 1. a better overview and 2. a personalized newspaper, just showing you what you really want to see. Even though I myself would not say that I completely agree with these arguments, I’d still get them. At least for facebook, as it’d probably really be pretty unclear without any news feed structure. But these structures just do not make any sense for Instagram.

Instagram – unlike facebook originally – only shows you the posts that you want to see, as you are the one following or unfollowing the other user. It’s not like there are 800 friends who are posting their daily crap which does not interest you at all. That’s what facebook was once. Instagram is different – it’s supposed to only place in your newsfeed what you want to see anyway. Now let’s rather say that’s what Instagram was supposed to be. From now on the new algorithm will only show you the most popular posts and of course the ones that people paid for. So goodbye Instagram and cheers to this incredibly stupid new structure!