Sometimes when I start going through my favorite blogs I am wondering what these people actually do besides blogging. That’s probably the reason why I love meeting other bloggers in „real life“ – to get to know what’s actually happening behind all these pretty pictures and feeds. As my blog does not share any personal insights anyway, I’ve been thinking about doing a personal post for quite a while now. I wrote this post for everyone who might be curious about what I am doing besides blogging and who I actually am.

// UNI

Almost two years ago I came back from Australia and was sure about the fact that I wanted to live in Berlin. As soon as I moved to Berlin (October 14), I started my studies in journalism & PR (aka media & communications). Now I am at a point where I could probably say that I am almost done with my bachelor courses. For next year I got the chance to spend my last semester at a University in Paris and I am already most excited as I think you should always get the most and best out of everything. Studying in Berlin definitely is a great thing to do – but having the chance to also spend some time abroad is something you shouldn’t miss if you’ve got the chance to!


Telling you about my studies brings me to my next point: my job. Last summer, while being just about to finish my 2. semester, I started an internship at a Fashion PR Agency. Working there as an intern for a few months turned out to be a great opportunity; as being in the final stages of the internship, I got the offer to stay in this Agency to be the one who’s managing all Social Media and Web Content. So besides my own blog and projects, that’s what I’m doing at the moment – being positive that probably no other job could match my interests any better.


Besides Uni and work of course I am also trying keep this blog updated on a regular base. Sometimes it gets a bit tough though as I’ve got pretty busy schedules. But at the moment I am planning some really, really, REALLY (did I already mention ‚really‘?) exciting trips for the next couple of months and I can’t wait to share them with you! // And except Uni, work and blogging? Well, also dancing (ballet & modern) has always been an important part in my life. For me nothing beats daily stress better than one or two hours of exercising! At the moment I’d love to go back to my „dancing 5x a week“ routine from last year, but as every day unfortunately only got 24 hours (who’s idea was that by the way?) I guess I’ve got to be a bit more patient – definitely not my particular strength though..


I hope you guys liked this little personal insight. If you’ve still got any questions, please feel free to just drop me comment in the box below. Oh and before I conclude – I totally forgot to mention my coffee addiction which I can’t miss out in a post which is particularly about personal insights! But everyone who’s following me on Snapchat already, might have noticed that I have at least like 15 coffees a day.. But hey, at least it tastes good AND it’s instagramable! x, Anaïs


Jun 26, 2016

Klingt ganz fabelhaft was du demnächst alles so vor hast, meine Liebe 🙂

Anaïs Eleni
Jun 26, 2016

Danke Dir meine Liebe! Würde mich freuen Dich bald mal wiederzusehen x

Jun 26, 2016

WHO is your flatmate?

Anaïs Eleni
Jun 26, 2016

hahahaha.. du kleiner stalker xxxxx

Jun 26, 2016

Ohh es ist schön mal etwas Persönliches von dir zu lesen. Bei Elisa habe ich ja schon ein bisschen mehr erfahren und ich freue mich schon riesig dich nächste Woche persönlich kennenzulernen!

Liebste Grüße,
Sophie || http://basicapparel.de

Anaïs Eleni
Jun 27, 2016

Freue mich auch schon riesig Dich kennenzulernen! 🙂

Bis die Tage x

Jun 27, 2016

Einen etwas persönlicheren Einblick auf die Person hinter dem Blog finde ich wirklich sehr interessant. Schön, dass du diesen Beitrag geschrieben hast! Bei dir steht ja wirklich so einiges Spannendes auf dem Programm die nächste Zeit, echt toll! Ich hoffe, du hältst uns auf dem Laufenden! Und das Foto von dir ist wirklich traumhaft schön!

xx Sarah-Allegra